How to Root any LYF SmartPhone without Voiding Warranty


Hi Readers, Welcome. Here i will guide you on how to root any Lyf smartphone without PC OR without Voiding Warranty. Root Lyf Flame phone, in this post i will show you How To Root Lyf Flame , Lyf Flame is low budget 4G smartphone was launched in May 2016. The Device comes with a 4.00-inch touchscreen display with a resolution of 480 pixels by 800 pixels

1) Any Lyf SmartPhone , which you wanted to root

2) Charge your phone to at least 70-80%

3) Please take a backup before you mess up something !

Steps To Root any Lyf SmartPhone without Voiding Warranty

1: First of all enable the unknown source application, To do that – Go to Settings – > Security and Tick the option “Unknown Source”

2: Download the KINGROOT APP file (The app is not available from Play Store, So download manually from the link ).

3: Install the Kingroot on your Lyf Smartphone.

4: Open the Kingroot App. It will check if the phone “Lyf SmartPhone” is able to root or not. Once it is done it will show the button to root. Click on it

5: Now Dont press on any other button, just click continue to root the phone.

6: It will take some time. So be patient. If the reboot at the time of rooting, then dont panic. After the reboot launch the Kingroot app again.

7: Once the proccess is complete it will show the message that the root has completed.

8: Yes, Now the root must be working if you properly installed the Kingroot


List of LYF device can be rooted with same steps

Lyf Water 6 | Water 6
Lyf Water 4 | Water 4
Lyf Flame 5 | Flame 5
Lyf Water 7 | Water 7
Lyf Wind 1 | Wind 1
Lyf Wind 5 |Wind 5
Lyf Wind 7
Lyf Flame 6 | Flame 6
Lyf Flame 4 | Flame 4
Lyf Flame 3 | Flame 3
Lyf Wind 4 | Wind 4
Lyf Flame 2 | Flame 2
Lyf Water 5 | Water 5
Lyf Wind 6 | Wind 6
Lyf Flame 1 | Flame 1
Lyf Water 2 | Water 2
Lyf Water 1 | Water 1
Lyf Earth 1 | Earth 1
Lyf Earth 2 | Earth 2



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